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Where are all the haddock

(Brian Williams) #1

Hi guys new to this site. Putting the boat in this weekend and weather dependent may head out to stellwagen to try to find some haddock. From what i have heard its been slow on the southern end of the bank. Has anyone had any luck?

(AJ Costa) #2

Hi Brian welcome to currents. Unfortunately the bite is really slow right now hoping it picks up in the next week or so. There is nothing going on in the shoal water we had to go further east/NE. We did well on some hard bottom in 200ft of water east of middle bank. Good luck and please let us know how you make out.

(David Burne) #4

Was up off Tillies today the bite was good. Northwest corner of the bank up on top is still slow as previously mentioned. We fished deep most of the day.

(AJ Costa) #5

The inshore haddock bite has slowed because the fish are on the move. Currently found a pile 3 miles north east of the offledge parallel to brant rock. The fish are on the move and heading east.