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What are the MA COD regulations?

(David Burne) #1

What are the current MA cod regulations. You need a PHD to figure it out. On the state page below it says to reference marine fisheries regulations and then has not specific regs posted. I know cod are under pressure and federally protected but what is MA doing does any one know?

Im catching very nice inshore cod >24" by accident on small jigs on sabiki rigs. Am seeing more and more of this.

(AJ Costa) #2

David great question am also seeing more nice sized inshore cod. My understanding is that MA is waiting on the updated federal regs due out in early June to push through an emergency updated to the regs which still are current no bag limit. Will pursue a blog post to shed some more light on this topic.

Per the May 16th notice (link below) they are proposing allowing 1 cod of 21" but only in two 15 day windows one which has already passed.

2019 Recreational Cod and Haddock Limits to Complement Proposed Federal Regulations
Fishery Open Season Bag Limit Minimum Size
Gulf of Maine Haddock April 15 – February 29 15-fish 17”
Gulf of Maine Cod September 15 – September 30 April 15 – April 30 1-fish 21”
Georges Bank Cod January 1 - December 31 10-fish 21”