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Stellwagen Tuna

(AJ Costa) #1

Starting a thread for Tuna intel on the bank. Its been hot and cold over the past few weeks so any intel is appreciated. Friday was very slow little to no signs of fish from the SWC to the SEC.

There is plenty of bait around the SWC is loaded with macs, herring and whiting have moved in thick. Plenty of whales / dolphins feeding on the buffet but the tuna are sporadic. The commercial fleet is still picking away with nice sized giants over the past few days.

Ran a scouting run out to the south east corner looking for smaller fish and surface feeds. The SEC is loaded with sharks saw 3 blues, and a Juvenille Mako on the surface. Halfbeaks are also all over the SE corner so its just a matter of time before the fish start keying in on them and we get some surface feeds.

(AJ Costa) #2

Two members caught fish on the southwest corner today. One 94" fish on a whiting down deep dressed at 445. Another boat was able to secure an 80" fish on a live mackeral we have not heard of the weight.

(AJ Costa) #3

First surface feeds of smaller fish being reported the past few days. 100-200 lb class fish are starting to key in on halfbeaks and providing some surface feeds. Most notably middle bank and on the east side of the bank from the fleet haddock fishing.

(Jake Allen) #4

There are giants feeding on the mackeral in and around wood end. Caught a 94" yesterday floating a live one. Also know of a hookup down off the path in truro.

(AJ Costa) #6

Rec size fish in good numbers east of Stellwagen out to the lanes. Check out Monday 9/17 intel page for more details on time and location.