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Introduce Yourself

(AJ Costa) #1

Lets do some quick intros for new members. Name, boat, home port or areas fished.

Ill kick things off…

Name: AJ Costa
Port: Green Harbor, MA
Boat: Parker 2320 SL
Target: commercial striped bass, groundfish, tuna both giants and run and gun
Range: All of cape cod bay, stellwagen bank, east of chatham and south of the vineyard

I started Currents in 2017 to help connect the sportfishing community of New England. We needed a no BS location to exchange ideas, to propel the fishing community into the 21st century. With the amount of money invested into our boats, gear, tackle and time every captain whether charter, commercial and recreational deserve to be in the know on what is going on out of the water. This is not to ask for your grandfathers top secret numbers but it is to share intel so that we can all avoid targeting where we know the fish arent. I hope everyone pays forward intel and in return get information that will help you find your fish away from the crowds.

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(Jake Allen) #3

Hi Guys

Jake Allen here I run a 26 regulator that I trailer mostly out of Sandwich but also use Plymouth and Green Harbor when heading north. Fish mainly CCB and Stellwagen, and east of chatham.

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